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CHROMIUM CARBIDE, hard wear strip for ground engaging parts.

Chromium Carbide (chocky bar) UK nation wide supplies.

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About 4 or 5 years ago, a sales rep came into our workshop with some pieces of metal which he was calling chocky bar. He told us that it was a very hard white iron designed primarily, for the quarry / mining industry, to be welded to ground engaging parts in order to reduce wear. I thought "this could be useful" so I ordered a small quantity to try. We have used it ever since.

About the time we discovered Chromium Carbide (chocky bar) we were experimenting with tungsten carbide. Tungsten was successful only some of the time and it's also expensive. We found that tungsten could not tolerate stony ground when welded to the tips of Tim Howard type points, or maybe it was caused by the machines being parked on concrete, which, being hired out, we had little control over. Before we gave up on tungsten for this job we had already successfully tried chocky bar on T.H. shins so it was decided to try it on the tips also. To our surprise, it worked very well.

The second photo shows a Spaldings / Tim Howard point after its second rebuild. This point was first used, as it was, until it had lost about 50mm from the tip. It then had 3 segments of chocky bar welded on. It was then used again until it had lost about one and a half segments of chocky bar. The remaining chocky bar was then removed and another new 3 segments welded on along with a piece of old loader tine under the chocky bar for support. The used chocky bar was then welded back on along with another used piece behind the new chocky bar in order to prevent the point necking in behind the chocky bar. All this work can be done without removing the point.

The third photo is a similar point with a part worn piece of chocky bar.

The fourth photo is a Cousins leg with chocky bar welded to the shin. These Cousins point assemblies will fit in place of Tim Howard points. We have supplied these assemblies to customers to fit on Farm Force machines.  

One of our customers had a problem with excessive wear of his Simba legs so he asked us to supply a new set complete with chocky bar attached, see the fifth photo.

Apparently there are several manufactures of chocky bar but thus far we have found none in the UK. Up to 2015 we were buying from an importer but we are importing it. 

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