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Cousins Patriot, 3m, 5 leg c/w discs and double D packer, 224 pounds per day.

Farm Force Ultratilth, 2.5m, 5 leg c/w discs and packer, 212 pounds per day.

McConnel Shakaerator, 2.5 or 3m, 5leg c/w heavy packer, 184 pounds per day.

Stocks Micro Meter for sowing rape etc. to fit all Min Tills above, 28 pounds per day

We been hiring these out for about 15 years, and Shakaerators for about 40 years, thus we have learned a considerable amount about economical maintenance. Click here to see the points we use.

Click here to see one of these machines in action.

Click here for a interesting film on vertical tillage.

Click here to read an interesting article on min till also if you are using min till you might be interested in taking a look at our stubble rake.

Click here for another interesting article on min till.

Click here for an interesting Farmers Weekly article on using min till for potatoes. 

Click here for an interesting article on zero till from the USA. This link is very unreliable but it?s very well worth seeing so if it doesn?t work just copy and paste the following URL into your browser, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi18vZ3lUxc 

Driver available for these items, click here.

Hourly, weekly and possibly other rates available on request.

Minimum charges apply, see terms and conditions, paragraph 13.

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